Introducing: The Success Planner

Introducing: The Success Planner

An interactive book filled with everything you need to win in your life and career…


Welcome to Bridging Visions

Welcome to Bridging Visions

Feeling stuck or blocked? Not sure of your next move? Looking for support and accountability? Not sure of your purpose? You know there is more to life but you can’t quite but your finger on it.

Get ready to turn your life around and regain control.

Through one-on-one coaching, workshops, and trainings, we help you to become your greater self. We provide help for:


  • Identify and achieve your goals
  • Guide you through changes and obstacles
  • Find your purpose and do what you love
  • Improve your relationships
  • Overcome challenges and recover from setbacks
  • Increase productivity
  • Develop and start your business


  • Organizational Leadership
  • Training and Development
  • Strategic Planning and Process Improvement
  • Staff Training and Workforce Development
  • Creating Top Performers


We create customized workshops to meet the needs of your organization.



We listen, motivate, challenge, encourage, and hold you accountable to the things you say you want for yourself, family, career and relationships.



Develop staff in areas of workforce development, process improvement, leadership development.

Re Entry

Re Entry

Specialized training for staff that work with returning citizens, employers needing assistance with the Federal Bonding Program, and coaching for returning citizens.

  • Sophia


    Working with Danielle has been truly awarding. She is a quick and strategic thinker, extremely innovative, and provided diverse resources that helped move me forward in my business.
    Sophia Amu’rel – Align You Consulting

  • Natalie


    Ms. Dixon is committed to the empowerment of family, friends and acquaintances. Ms. Dixon understands that once an

    individual is ‘grounded’ and has a strong sense of self; then provided option to achieve personal and professional goals. Ultimately, this aids in strengthening of families and communities.

    Ms.Dixon is eager to learn and share her knowledge. She has an appreciation for all the positive aspects of life contributions. She models her life based on her belief and faith in God and stands by her convictions. Accessing Ms. Dixon’s services will be a benefit to any objective or mission. She is

    meticulous, astute and has the ability to master a variety of skill sets in order to resolve and influence

    Natalie Scott – M.A. Psychology

  • Lorraine

    Danielle’s implementation of ideas positively affected an improvement of employee productivity within the employer partnership development team. Her detailed analysis included an increase in identification of new business leads and account management activities. Danielle transfers her analytical ability and provides and innovative fresh perspectives. Her efforts resulted in an increase in achievement of organizational objectives. Her strong communication, interpersonal, and presentation talents clearly stand out.
    Lorraine Stewart – Business Service Representative

  • Leslie


    Danielle is a professional coach who is inspiring. She has a passion for recognizing gifts and talents, while teaching me how to channel my energy in the right direction. Danielle has coached me in developing my businness and specific life goals. Her accountability has allowed me to stay focused and complete assigned task, all while being there every step of the way. She is spiritually positive while having a keen business sendse and love to help people see and reach their potential. Bridging Visions has been just that, the help I needed in putting my vision and purpose in action.
    Leslie Barkley – DIVA Styles

  • Michelle

    Danielle displayed strong leadership and logical thinking abilities. She was instrumental in developing new reporting and procedural documents. She would be an assest to any organization and I receommend her for any endeavor she chooses to persue.

    Michelle Z. Regional Operations Director



    Life can be hard, tough, and challenging, causing you to grow weary.  You say to yourself, “Enough is enough.  When will it end.  I have done all that was required of me and still in cant seem to get a break through”.  This is a conversations many of us have had with ourselves at one point or another causing us to question our very existence.

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    Points of Purpose

    Points of Purpose

    What you are doing today should align with where you want to be tomorrow

    God’s promises are conditional on your doing your part

    Your joy is complete when your purpose is fulfilled; otherwise, you are just empty and unhappy

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    Growing Your Relationships Top 5

    Growing Your Relationships Top 5

    1. Both people must be willing to get to know each other. You can know someone only to the extent that he or she is willing to be known. One-sided relationships are always dead ends.

    2. Both people must gain personal knowledge of each other, i.e., not just know about them but know them personally. It would be like reading an in-depth biography of a person but never spending any personal time with them.

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