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Life can be hard, tough, and challenging, causing you to grow weary.  You say to yourself, “Enough is enough.  When will it end.  I have done all that was required of me and still in cant seem to get a break through”.  This is a conversations many of us have had with ourselves at one point or another causing us to question our very existence.

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Points of Purpose

What you are doing today should align with where you want to be tomorrow

God’s promises are conditional on your doing your part

Your joy is complete when your purpose is fulfilled; otherwise, you are just empty and unhappy

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Growing Your Relationships Top 5

1. Both people must be willing to get to know each other. You can know someone only to the extent that he or she is willing to be known. One-sided relationships are always dead ends.

2. Both people must gain personal knowledge of each other, i.e., not just know about them but know them personally. It would be like reading an in-depth biography of a person but never spending any personal time with them.

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