Freedom can be very expensive. It will likely cost you time, money, friends, family, thoughts, ideas, and even your job. In order to be free, you must first be willing to live life without fear. To live without fear is to let go of everything and everyone that prohibits you from fulfilling your purpose. The question then becomes, how bad do you want to be free? Are you willing to let go of what everyone else thinks of you and be the best you that you were created to be. Are you willing to dismiss your limited beliefs about yourself based on prior experiences? Are you willing to look in the mirror, see the falsehoods you present to yourself and others and began to face reality? Are you willing to jump -start your career or business and stop waiting for perfection or the approval of others? Lastly, Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for your self. If you have answered yes to these questions then you are ready to pay the cost of freedom, otherwise you continue to be a slave to your circumstances, your mind, and the ways of the world.
    So ask your self, “What do I need to be free from and what am I willing to do to attain my freedom”

Growing Your Relationships Top 5

1. Both people must be willing to get to know each other. You can know someone only to the extent that he or she is willing to be known. One-sided relationships are always dead ends.

2. Both people must gain personal knowledge of each other, i.e., not just know about them but know them personally. It would be like reading an in-depth biography of a person but never spending any personal time with them.

3. A third condition for a growing relationship is openness, acceptance and forgiveness. People often put on a false front because they don’t want others to know who they really are because they fear rejection. As we offer acceptance and forgiveness (versus judgement) people feel safe to share their real selves.

4. A fourth condition is time spent in communication – talking, listening and sharing thoughts and feelings.

5. Fifth, a growing relationship is developed through action – love must be demonstrated and expressed. The relationship grows as we respond to the needs and desires of one another.





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