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Welcome! I’m Danielle Dixon, a certified life, business, and executive coach, as well as a neurolinguistic practitioner and global career development facilitator. As a business owner with ADHD, I understand the unique challenges and struggles that entrepreneurs face. My mission is to help business owners identify and achieve their goals while overcoming any obstacles that may stand in  the way.

With over 15 years of experience as a Certified Coach and Business Consultant, I have successfully aided in the growth of start-ups, supported existing companies, and guided individuals on their journey towards personal and professional improvement. My passion for transformational coaching and strategic guidance has been recognized through various media outlets, including features on WHYY TV, Moving Forward, and Queens Lair Radio Show. I’ve also had the privilege of serving as a panelist for Saint Joseph University and delivering motivational speeches for multiple organizations and groups.

One of my proudest achievements was spearheading the successful establishment of Philadelphia’s first Navigation Center to house the homeless. Through my leadership, the organization secured a five-year contract with the city, making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. This experience further solidified my commitment to creating positive change and fostering growth on both personal and societal levels.

I attribute my success to being a great listener, communicator, and visionary. With a natural and authentic instinct to see the best in every situation, I bring an optimistic outlook to my coaching practice. I firmly believe in the power of transformation and have witnessed its impact on businesses, relationships, finances, and personal and spiritual growth for thousands of individuals.

Through a combination of personal experience and professional training, I have developed a unique coaching model that allows me to engage with clients on a deep level, understanding their unspoken needs and unlocking their untapped potential. I embrace the uniqueness of every individual, respecting and appreciating their journey, and work collaboratively to achieve successful outcomes.

I’m often referred to as a strategic thought leader, known for my insightfulness and relational approach. Prior to coaching, I worked as a consultant, educating people on homeownership, mortgage options, foreclosure prevention, financial planning, and budgeting. With a degree in Organizational Leadership and Development, I have also assisted numerous organizations with staff development, strategic planning, and process improvement.

I am passionate about partnering with individuals who are hungry for change and driven to make a lasting impact. Together, we can navigate the challenges you face, capitalize on your strengths, and create a roadmap for success.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Contact me today and let’s start building the future you envision.


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