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Our programs are customized to meet your requirements. We offer:

Project Management – Develop, oversee, and manage company projects, review and revise process flows for improvement, activity and resource planning, analyze and manage project risk, organize and motivate teams for business growth, effective communication to keep knowledge and information flowing freely, and increase your company’s bottom line

Business Strategy SessionsDiscuss strategies and techniques to increase performance and grow your business

Re-Entry Employment Specialist (RES) Training16-hour course for professionals working with criminal-justice involved individuals to reduce the recidivism rate through professional and workforce development

Life & Career CoachingPurposed to help employees manage stress, create a healthy work/life balance, address personal and professional challenges, and provide a safe and healthy outlet

Executive Coaching“People don’t quit their jobs; they quit their bosses.” Give your leaders the coaching and guidance they need to effectively manage teams, increase performance, and professional growth

Coaching helps…

  • Team Performance
  • Decision-making
  • Personal well-being
  • Leadership ability
  • Decrease occupational stress
  • Decrease turnover

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Life & Career Coaching – Move beyond where you are and reach your desired state

    • Read more about our coaching services here

Party with a Purpose – Group coaching or mediation in your home with family or friends to help yourself or a loved one move beyond a challenge, feel encouraged and supported, get to the bottom of something, or simply have a girls/boys night out to discuss hot and controversial topics 

    • Prices vary based on time and location

Re-Entry Coaching – Set yourself up for success in life after prison 

    • Six (6) one-hour sessions to help you renew, rebuild, rebrand, restore, and relaunch
    • Includes personal and professional workforce/career development 

Business Development Coaching – Get started on your dream of starting your own business

    • Identify your passion that will bring your profit.  We will brand it, package it, then get you on the market to promote and sell it.

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Other Services


  • Financial Wellness
  • Workforce Development
  • Team Building
  • Getting Out of the Rat Race
  • Self-Parenting
  • Freedom 
  • Purpose Driven Life


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