Unleashing My Superpower: A Journey of Triumph

Part 1: The Little Girl

Growing up, I vividly remember my dad’s frustrated voice echoing in my ears, urging me to “slow down” and “stop rushing.” No matter how hard I tried, small mistakes seemed to follow me like shadows. Teachers recognized my intelligence, yet they saw me carelessly stumble over my own speed. Verbal spelling tests were my saving grace, but written exams revealed a different story. Though they passed me, knowing deep down that I understood the material, a lingering feeling of restlessness gnawed at my soul.

Part 2: The Adult

In a conference room filled with fellow leaders, we gathered to strategically plan the year for our youth ministry. As discussions unfolded, I found myself fidgeting, occasionally bursting with outbursts and jokes, unable to sit still. My demeanor exuded a sense of joy, even as others laughed along or at me. It was during this lighthearted exchange that our executive leader made an observation that caught me off guard. “Now I see where your son gets it from,” (read his brief story here) she remarked. Denying any similarities, I quickly attributed his behavior to his father. We shared a laugh and resumed our meeting, but deep down, her words lingered. Excusing myself from the room, I stepped into the hallway, pondering the question that had now arisen within me: “What is wrong with you?” It was a moment of self-reflection that would eventually lead to a profound realization.

Part 3: The Business Owner

 Leaving the suffocating shackles of conventional work, I ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship, fueled by a liberating sense of freedom. No bosses to answer to, no schedules to conform to, just the promise of unbounded potential. However, reality soon took hold, and frustration consumed me. Each unfinished task magnified my self-doubt, pushing me closer to the depths of despair. The weight of unanswered questions pressed upon me, suffocating my dreams. Lost and overwhelmed, I reached a breaking point. It was during a routine physical, in a moment of vulnerability, that I confessed to my physician: a resounding 4 on the scale of depression. Little did I know, this admission would set me on a path of discovery.

The Revelation

Enduring a grueling, yet exhilarating, 5-hour test and undergoing counseling, I emerged victorious. The diagnosis echoed through my being: ADHD. Suddenly, the chaos that once engulfed my life found purpose. There was nothing inherently “wrong” with me; it was simply a matter of awareness. With newfound clarity, I embarked on a transformative journey, recognizing my weaknesses and building a support system to nurture my strengths. My entrepreneurial spirit soared, propelled by the power within me.

Looking Back

Looking back on my career, I realized that every role I occupied inevitably left me yearning for more. Restlessness fueled my insatiable desire to improve processes, solve age-old problems, and challenge the status quo. In meetings, my ideas disrupted the norms, leaving others in awe. The sheer brilliance of my insights ignited “AHA” moments and inspired profound change. It became evident that ADHD was not a hindrance but a remarkable superpower, enabling me to shatter limitations and transcend boundaries.

Today, armed with resilience and harnessing the energy that once threatened to consume me, I have implemented effective systems, strategies, and structures that guide my entrepreneurial journey. I stand tall, a testament to the transformative power of embracing one’s uniqueness. Through the trials and triumphs, I have unlocked the true potential within me, not only achieving greatness for myself but also igniting a fire in others.

Unleash your own superpower, embrace the depths of your emotions, and join me on this extraordinary journey of triumph. Together, we can redefine what it means to be limitless.


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