Bills, Balances, and Budgets: Financial Organizer & Journal

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Whether you are someone who does a good job at managing your money and would like the convenience of having it all at your fingertips, or if you are not as financially disciplined or organized as you would like to be, this journal is for you. This book guides you over the course of a year so you can manage your money, track your monthly spending, and do it all at a glance. You are encouraged to keep going with motivational quotes, and tips and tricks to guide you throughout the year. With discipline and belief in yourself, you can do it!


1 review for Bills, Balances, and Budgets: Financial Organizer & Journal

  1. David J. Hopkins

    Wow…… this book is amazing. This book definitely touches on multiple things that every business owner and or leader should know to educate their team. This should be implemented across the board in every business so that not only individuals but companies can sustain.

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